Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Adventures in Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 4

Ok. So this past week I have been flat out exhausted! I don't know if it is my body reacting to a lot less sugar or if it is because of the 100+ weather or a combination of the two.  I can't say it has made me happy though.  Because even when I sleep through the night I still end up exhausted throughout the day.  Then when I take a nap I end up just waking up groggy and blech all over.

I did try a new recipe from the Simply Solo book again.

This was mine.

This was the books.

Obviously I didn't use the pine nuts. (almost $10 for a tiny bag!) and in my pic I hadn't sliced up the steak yet.  But it actually turned out really good.  It was filling and tasted great.  (I love steak.)  I was actually amazed that I was able to cook the steak at home.  I used my cast iron skillet, like the book suggested, and it turned out perfect.  I even made a separate order for the boyfriend and he enjoyed it as well.  I will definitely be trying this recipe again!

The meeting was about the same.  I've started to recognize some of the people there.  Not all the same people show up all the time it seems, but there are definitely some regulars.  I actually participated in the discussion a bit today.  But I still prefer just to sit and watch.

I was kinda down this week.  I only lost .4 of a lb.  Compared to the initial weeks 6.6 and the 2.6 of last week it is kinda depressing.  I'm blaming both the constant sleeping & the fact that when I woke up today (Friday) I was retaining water. I almost cried when the lady took my weight.  But she was really sweet. She said that Weight Watchers goal is .5-2lbs a week, not more.  Because if you loose too much weight in too short a time period it can be unhealthy for you.  So it kinda made me feel a bit better, but not much.


Weight: 201.4 lbs.

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