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Time Killer Virtual Tour ~ Interview with Todd Thiede & Giveaway!

Please welcome Todd Thiede to this stop on his blog tour. 
Tell us a little about yourself, where you are from, do you feel where you live influences how or what you write? 

      I am from Elgin Illinois, born and raised there. I am a finance manager and I feel that influences what I write more than anything else.  I see way too many people only care about themselves and not the others around them.  My wife, Courtney, smiles when we go out for breakfast on Sundays because I usually pick out an older couple and buy them breakfast secretly. I tell the waiter/waitress to not say who did it.  I don't want the recognition I just want someone to feel good about the day. I feel if we all look at other peoples’ feelings first it will come back to us 2 fold.

·         What sort of expectations did you have when being published was on the horizon? 
      I think I have a great story and I wanted people to read it and enjoy a great murder mystery. That is truly all I wanted and still want to this day. I want people to read my story and say. Wow, that was actually interesting and I want them to actually try and solve all the aspects of the story.

·         What is your biggest pet peeve ? 
      Without a doubt, People wasting other people's time. I sell things for commission and when a person comes into my place of employment and spends time with me and doesn’t buy anything that truly costs me money. I just spent time with them, answered all of their questions, showed them what they said they wanted and still didn't buy anything means I don't get paid.  Imagine working for 8 hours and not making one dollar. Who does that? Salesmen do all the time. 

·         A recent blog post said that Time Killer could possibly end up being a movie.  Any preference as to who you would want to star in it? And who would they play?

      I have no preference to who plays who.  I would probably prefer someone relatively unknown that way that person can get his or her start on a first time author's book. I think if I had to pick an already famous person to play Max Larkin it would have to be Jason Ritter. He is not too famous (his dad John was but he isn't that famous). I have liked everything he has done so far and when I close my eyes I see him as Max.

·         You say that your stories are "fueled by" your "daily life".  Was Time Killer inspired by a specific event?

      It is just inspired by the complete lack of respect people have for other people's time. We all have our time budgeted out to the minute pretty much. Then a person comes along that doesn't care about your life or your time and just plain old wastes your time with no regards to how that will impact your life. It just seems like we live in a society where everyone is out for themselves with no regard for anyone around them. That is not how it should be. The theory of "Time Killer" is that one man has had enough with people wasting his time.

·         Is there a genre you prefer to write? What about to read?
      I prefer to write Murder Mystery books. I have always had an investigative mind. My wife actually hates watching shows like CSI with me because I usually solve it way before the end. If I can continue with the Max Larkin series that would be awesome because I have a great feel for the characters that I have already developed. I will give you a small spoiler for the next Max Larkin book. It is going to be called "Lies to die for" and one of the officers in "Time Killer" will be killed in "Lies to Die for". When it comes to reading I like to read murder mysteries sometimes but not all the time. I liked the Hunger Games books a lot. It is cool how the author created a whole new world based on her theories. Suzanne Collins did a great job with making up stuff like "Tracker Jackers" and putting them in her story. It was like a fantasy within a game. I guess that is a reason I liked the Harry Potter series as well. The created world within a world storyline fascinates me.

·         Care to give us a peek at what your latest writing project is?
      I am writing a follow up for my lead detectives. I am hoping to make the Max Larkin stories a series. The next book is going to be about another serial killer that is wrapped up in a web of lies and is killing people for lying too much.
·         Just because I can, will you be wearing green on St. Patty's day?  

       Yes for sure. I don't want to get pinched.

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In the small city of Rockton, Illinois, someone is tired of waiting. He’s tired of standing in line at the grocery store and tired of waiting at the drive-through line. Now he’s doing something about it.
The first murder rocks the city. The entire Bjornson family—except the father, Stephen—has been brutally murdered, and the killer has left a message behind, written in the victim’s blood: Don’t Waste People’s Time. It’s a grizzly start for two young detectives who’ve just become partners. But Max Larkin and Jesse Fairlane put their personal distaste for each other aside and start concentrating on how to find the killer from striking again.
As they investigate the scene of the crime and interview Stephen at the hospital, the clues slowly begin to add up. Could this be a deranged killer who struck ten years ago and has now returned to the area? Before they can answer that question, another murder is reported, and Max and Jesse suddenly realize they have a serial killer on the loose.
But as they get closer to the truth, a past memory begins to haunt Max, one that might lead to a break in the case—or the end of his career.

Todd is awesome enough to be giving away a signed copy of his book to not 1 but 3 lucky winners!
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  3. For a mere murder mystery, Time Killer sounds like it will a philosophical impact on the reader! It is true that we all like to waste each other's time, and the worse part is that sometimes we do it intentionally. I would never want to be a saleswoman for that very reason. Thanks for sharing!

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