Monday, July 30, 2012

Spotlight on Law Reigns

And now turning the spotlight onto...:
(drum roll please)

She is the author of:

As a sneak peek to the upcoming interview here's a little bit about the author from her May 2012 press release!

Novelist and UF graduate, Law Reigns, overcomes narcolepsy to publish Superheroes Wear Faded Denim, a  fantasy romance with young adult, crossover appeal.
Sharing a kinship with Harriet Tubman few others can claim, Reigns was inspired by Tubman’s defeat of narcolepsy.
While Tubman developed the neurological disorder when her slave master hit her over the head with a 2-pound weight, Reigns was born with the disorder.
The disorder causes excessive daytime sleepiness, gaps in thinking, and sudden sleep paralysis.
Because Tubman inspired Reigns, she used her own life experience to complete a story about a UF college student whose sleeping habits wreak havoc on her life.
When Blissany has a sleep attack in the mall, she dreams of a wraith forcing her to make a life altering decision. 
Trapped between her own destiny and desires, she must find the strength within to overcome.
As readers are immersed in the protagonist’s story, they watch her undergo a certain transformation.
It is one of the things Reigns was adamant about when she was plotting.
“Life will always ask more of us, sometimes more than we even think we can give,” Reigns said. “That is why I set out to write a novel about a damsel in distress who is forced to become a Jeanne d’Arc.”
Even though Reigns loves a good romance novel, this fantasy book, aimed at readers ages 14 – 30, is not for sappy romance readers.
Even so, they are invited to dance with other adventure druggies and romance fanatics by connecting with Law Reigns at and  purchasing a copy of Superheroes Wear Faded Denim on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble today. 

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