Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where I've Been ~ #2

Sooo where have I been this week???? I've found some pretty cool posts and even appeared in one!! (well at least my fishies did!)  

A Daft Scots LassSo in my travels I stopped by A Daft Scots Lass.  She has this amazing post about some really awesome things you can do with random stuff you've got laying around the house.  My faves the one with the dustpan! Click here to see what I mean!

Also she's got this cool caption contest that she holds once a week.  Way back a few months ago, ok maybe about a month ago, I actually won one. Yes me! I know right?  Well on top of all the awesomeness that she sent me (go check it out she's got an great pic of it up here) I also received a Daft Scots Lass tattoo! I have skin issues, so I put it on my fishy's tank instead, and now my fishies are swimming around on her latest post for all to see!  It also happens to be her latest caption contest so be sure to hurry over caption that pic! Maybe you'll be the next luck winner of some awesomeness too!  Click here to start captioning!
(click here to see what other past winners have done with their tattoos!)

These were for a Book & Nails post
over at Vvb32 Reads.

Now some of you might know that I LOVE having my nails done.  I'm spoiled that way.  I rarely do them at home.  But when I do an at home mani I tend to get creative. (see pic to the right--------> )
Plus my youngest loves experimenting with polish at home, so I was really excited when I found Lace and Lavander Hints Post about how to make a Sparkly Polka Dot Bow Mani!

Thanks so much for letting me use the pic!
My girls and I haven't gotten a chance yet to try out this one.  (Busy, busy, busy trying to raise money for the youngest's dance fees!)  But I think I'm going to try it specifically for July 4th.  Make my nails all nice and patriotic. What do you think?  Click here to find out all the details on how to get your nails looking this glam!

I got uber-lucky this week too!

I  won a print copy of Beyond the Dead Forest by Steve Groll  at Amanda Stephan's   Indie Author Giveaway Hop.

Awesomeness of awesomeness! I also won any book of my choice from Paper Hat Press.  Courtesy of The Reynolds Mom and her wonderful giveaway on her blog!  Very cool, can't wait to show you guys what I decide to order!  I've got some b-days coming up and I think that this book would be great for one of the younger readers on my list!

 I also got an awesome SIGNED book mark from Emi Gayle. She's the author of After Dark: Book One of the 19th Year.

Click here to see the front and back!

So where have you been this week? Seen anything awesome, cool, or just terribly interesting that you'd like to share?  Feel free to leave your links in the comments!  Can't wait to see what I find next week, 'til next time...


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