Saturday, June 30, 2012

Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Game Novel Challenge 2012-June Round Up

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So this month I decided to try to fill some of my Graphic Novel quota.  I found:

Summery from Amazon:

Step off the beaten path as Martin Sloan takes the journey of a lifetime when his car breaks down within walking distance of his home town. Martin is shocked to find that he has somehow walked into his own past. Can he find a way to warn the boy he once was to seize the day and save his future happiness?

My review:

I loved watching Twilight Zone reruns when I was a kid.  I don't actually remember seeing this one on t.v. though.  Which I think is a good thing because then I wasn't comparing it to the original.  

The book itself has a nice intro before the story itself giving a bit of the background on the phenomena that was The Twilight Zone.  I liked finding out the little extra details.

The story itself was definitely classic Twilight Zone.  I kinda did expect some of the twists.  (Maybe I did see this episode?), but not all of them.  Since the story stayed true to the original episode there weren't any additions of cell phones or gps.  Click here to read the rest of my review. 


  1. I didn't even know this was graphic novel. I may like it better than the show, which BTW use to scare the crap out of me as a kid. LOL

    1. There's apparently a whole bunch of them out there, but I only saw this one at the store...

  2. Oh wow a graphic novel of the "Twilight Zone" who knew!! That is so cool!!!