Friday, June 1, 2012

You're Invited to the Fair!!!

So look what I found fluttering in my mailbox!

So needless to say they had me at 'Ride Unicorns!'.  Definitely sounds like my kind of fair!  Plus they have games AND prizes!  And it's being hosted by J.L. Bryan!!!!  I'm sooo gonna be there!  Even without the unicorns I love fairs.  There's always something magical about the way they transform an empty field.  Over night rides and booths replace dirt and weeds. 

No ticket? That's fine, here's your invitation! Hope to see you there! I'll  be the one with a face covered in cotton candy riding the stole...I mean borrowed purple unicorn. (I mean really, they can't expect me just to ride in one little circle all day....and it's the Midsummer Dream Fair, so I'm sure they'll have enough unicorns for everyone!  Here's a copy of the fairground map, be sure to let me know what booths you plan to visit, I'll try to keep my eyes out for you.

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