Monday, July 10, 2017

Check out my Darling Vox Box from Influenster! #DarlingVoxBox #Influenster #GotItForFree #Contest #FreeStuffIsAwesome!

^^^See all my goodies!!^^^

So a few weeks ago I received a Darling Vox Box from Influenster. In exchange for my honest review of the products I received Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Chocolate Lovers Cake, Live Clean (Baby) tearless shampoo/wash and lotion, Nature's Bounty Energy Gummies, Eva NYC Surf's Up Texture Spray, and a coupon for a free Country Crock Buttery Spread with Calcium.

I so enjoyed everything in my box!

The Duncan Hines Perfect Size was AH-MAY-ZING! Don't just take my word on it check out the other Darling Vox Box reviewers thoughts here. (And PICS!) I've already stalked my local store to make sure they carry it, they do. Plus they have A LOT of flavors. With how moist and wonderful it was I can't wait to try them ALL!

The Eva NYC spray held it's own against the 110+ heat waves out here. The heat killed me, but my hair still looked great. No wilting, no frizzing. I'm still not too keen on the fragrance, but apparently I'm in the minority on that one. I also still plan on buying more to get me through the rest of this summer. (Yes, I used it all already! So obviously the smell didn't bother me that much!) Check out more of the reviews here. 

There there's the Country Crock Buttery Spread with Calcium. See that pic >>>> Doesn't it look delicious? I had to take it right after I put the spread on though because the potatoes and corn were fresh off the stove and it was melting fast. It really helped enhance the taste. Want to find out more? Click here.

The Nature's Bounty Energy Gummies tasted really good. I was surprised. I usually avoid vitamins/supplements because of the taste and smell. But these? No horrible smell. No horrible taste or after taste. I actually looked forward to taking them every day. While I didn't notice any extra energy I still plan on checking out more of Nature's Bounty products and seeing what else they've been able to make taste great. So I'm really glad I was able to try out this sample and find out more about this amazing brand. Want to find out more? Click here.

I was also able to try the Live Clean (baby) wash and lotion. I know I'm not a baby, but sometimes my skin seems to be as sensitive as one! It got my hair clean without blinding me and smelled nice. Also the lotion made my skin really soft. I will definitely be picking some up for my friends baby shower next month. It's always nice to have options when it comes to what you use on your baby, so I want her to know this is out there and get a chance to try it before committing to a specific brand. Find out more about the wash and lotion here and here.

Want to find out more about Influenster? Click here and sign up. It's fun and you get to try and review cool stuff for free!

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  1. They have the best boxes. This one does look really good! Glad to see you had fun with it all :)