Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gabby's Wheels Fundraisers and Donations

So I want to introduce Gabby. Two years ago her mother was here as a guest for my A to Z challenge for the letter R to tell everyone about Rett Syndrome.  A horrible debilitating disease that Gabby was born with. Just click that link to find out more.  Today I'm not here to talk about Rett Syndrome, but to talk about Gabby and the efforts her family is making to get a handicap accessible van to transport her. This van will provide Gabby with secure transportation to her multiple doctors appointments, as well as make it possible for her to leave the house in general. Without the van she is now basically restricted to her home. 

Pics of Gabby and one of the fundraisers currently being held to help raise funds.

What can you do to help? 

Well there are many ways that you can help. 

1-Donate something.
 Do you have something you can donate for the chinese raffle and silent auction that Gabby's family will be holding in the next few months? Not sure? Here are some ideas. If you're a writer why not donate a signed copy of your work, or some of that awesome swag authors seem to have lately. Bookmarks, cover tiles, collector cards, etc.  Nothing is too big or too small. Even if it's only a signed bookmark. If you do a work at home business, like Mary Kay, Avon, that wrap program, why not donate a gift basket or gift card? If you make things, like quilted or crochet blankets, jewelry etc, whether you sell it or do it just for fun, why not donate an item.
The great thing about this option is that if you are in business to make money, whether as a writer or Etsy shop owner, or whatever, this gives you free advertising and promotion for your thing. You can send a business card to be included with your items or if you don't have cards just let Crystal, Gabby's mom, or myself know and we can whip up a nice tag with your info to go with the goodies.

2 - Hold a fundraiser.

A great example of this is shown in the picture above. If you sell Avon, Mary Kay, Treasure Candles, Body Wraps, have and Etsy store. Get in touch with Crystal and set up a sale. If you don't live anywhere near her you can always work something out online. You can choose to donate part or a percent of the sales, or all if you're feeling especially generous. 
This option is really good for both you and Gabby because not only would you both get money, but you would also get more future customers. Again free advertising. 

3.- Simply donate.

Gabby's family has has set up a donation fundraiser at It's called Gabby's New Wheels and will be active for the next 100 days.  Even if you can only donate $1 anything helps. 
They also have many fundraisers set up on her Facebook page, Gabby's New Wheels.  Right now there are a few fundraisers going on, and she also has pictures of different hand crafted items that are up for sale. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get something for the money you give. Not only does it help Gabby, but if you're spending money it's helping the economy. You can be generous  AND be a good citizen at the same time! ( I know, I'm a goof, but please don't hold that against Gabby.)
4 - Share 
     This is the easiest thing you can do and it's free. Maybe you don't have anything you could donate or maybe, like me, you are extremely broke. And you know what? THAT'S OK!  It doesn't make you a bad person, it just makes you like the rest of us.  Believe me if the rest of us weren't strapped for cash Gabby's parents wouldn't be working their butts off to try to find a way to raise money for this van. 
So if you fall into this category then maybe you could just share.  Share this post.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler.  Share it on your blog. If your a blogger and want to just copy and past this post and put it on your blog go ahead. If it makes it easier that's fine you have my permission, I'm not gonna come screaming about copyrights or plagiarism.  Share the links to Gabby's pages. Friend request her on Facebook and invite your friends to be friends with her. Share the fundraiser links.  Share the Rett Syndrome links. 
Yes, I am trying to help her family raise money for the van, but I also want to help people learn about Gabby's condition. I went back to Jersey a few years ago and got the chance to meet Gabbers face to face. She is a sweetie. She's also trapped inside her own body. As I just told my boyfriends 10 year old. If you want to know even a bit of how it feels to be Gabby use some tape to tape your mouth shut, then strap yourself to a chair.  Then watch everybody as they go by. Spend the day like this. You can't walk, you can't talk, but you can see and hear everyone. That's how Gabbers spends her day. She loves to be talked to, to play with toys and to be read to. She loves her school and her family and her friends. She doesn't let her situation stop her from doing her best to try to be a part of the life around her.  If you can't spare a dime, then maybe you could spare just a second to click share?

(And no I have no intention of letting any of my kids or anyone else's tape their mouths shut and tie themselves down, I was just trying to explain to him, and to the rest of you, how it feels to be Gabby. So don't go all crazy thinking I'm duck taping kids to chairs and stuff.)

Below are the links to all the different sites for Gabby. Feel free to check them all out and share them with your friends. 

Also if you don't do the Facebook thing and still wish to donate or anything you can directly contact Gabby's mom Crystal @  or you can email me at and I can get you shipping information or help answer any questions. Just make sure you put Gabby's Wheels in the subject line. 

Want to know more about Crystal and her daughter Gabby? Click on the Gabby's Page at Girl Power 2 Cure link to find out more. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and at least share it.


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