Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MorningStar Burgers & Meatless Monday!

So since I'm lucky enough to be a BzzAgent for BzzAgent I got the chance to try out MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers. I had already been looking into Meatless Mondays, one day without meat, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start. (I even convinced the rest of the family to try it out too!)

I was kinda hesitant at first. My biggest concern was that they would taste funny.  

Our 1st Meatless Monday!

I was REALLY pleasantly surprised!  The burgers not only tasted great, but they were super easy to cook. Short cook time and NO grease! There was no horrible mess in the pan to clean up afterwards either.

We enjoyed them so much I decided to try some more meatless recipes.  I even made tacos one night using the MorningStar Crumblers.   Needless to say they turned out amazing! 

Since beginning my Meatless Monday Challenge I've tried a few different recipes and I've even tried some other veggie patties.  I have to say that the MorningStar patties are definitely the best of them though.  While none of them taste completely like meat, the other brands I tried had a more oniony taste and one even had a gritty consistency.  I didn't have these issues with the MorningStar brands. 

I plan to keep up with my Meatless Mondays Challenge to myself. I might not have burgers every Monday but I have started keeping extra boxes of the patties in my freezer. Not only are they great on Mondays, but they are great for nights when I need something quick and healthy to cook. 

Are you trying Meatless Mondays?  Got any good vegetarian recipes you'd like to share?  Love to hear them!

*I  received this product to try as part of a BzzAgent review campaign.  I was not paid for my opinion and my opinion is strictly my own* 

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