Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Game Novel Challenge 2013

So this year since I said that I would try to get to Level 3 of the Challenge I figured I'd better get moving and the sooner the better! I mean I need to have at least 25 books read before the end of the year. That's at least 2 books a month. (and one extra one in at least one of those 12 months)  So since I had some extra time today and decided to get started.  As a change from last year I'm gonna be putting the reviews up here as I get them done and then linking them in the monthly round-up at Mother/Gamer/Writer.  I also plan to try to remember my update my Challenge page at the end of the month. 
So on with the review!  I just finished a new graphic novel I got from NetGalley.  

By: Adrianne Ambrose

Summery from Amazon:

One kiss from Tinka's sparkling lips leads to some unexpected consequences for the callous boys of Portage High School. After a secret romance goes up in flames, she looks to a fortune teller for answers on finding true love, which leads to the summoning of some accidental - but hilarious - magic. But in the end, Tinka has to learn to take responsibility for her own decisions, with or without the aid of magic.

My Review:

I was on the fence with this one ‘til the end. 
Throughout most of the story I was torn.  I got that the writer was trying to make a point as to how crude some guys can be and how they completely don’t understand girls. But it started to get a bit ridiculous.  There was only one nice guy in the book and that was Ben, Anne Sophie’s boyfriend.  You only get to see him for a few panels and then he barely says two sentences.  Every single other male pictured in the story was a jerk in one way or another, even the adults.  I understand the boys; they have to be spotlighted so it makes it mean that much more when they finally get how they’ve been treating the girls.  I get Tinka’s dad, he’s a jerk.  I don’t get the principal.  When ‘Jasmine’ is being sexually harassed by one of the boys in the lunch line and flips out the principal just blows off what she tells him. In fact he only seems to get upset that she says the word ass.  Now this could just be chalked up to the spell having an effect on the adults as well as on the boys it changes, but still it got a little bit overboard.  
Even with all the anti-guy sentiment the book still wasn’t that bad. The story was cute in its own way and so was the artwork. I honestly would give the majority of the book 3 out of 5 stars if it wasn’t for the ending. Yeah, the ending killed it for me.  There’s a big dramatic scene where Jason is trying to prove to Tinka that he is sincere and he has her kiss him….the end.  The book just ends. You don’t get to find out what happens to the rest of the boys that were turned into girls. You don’t get to find out what happens to Tinka’s dad.  You don’t even get to see if Jason turns back into Jasmine or not. It just ends with them kissing.  That’s pretty much what killed the book entirely for me.  If the ending had been different maybe I would recommend picking it up.  But it doesn’t so I’m not.


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