Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pay It Forward Challenge 2012

I had 3 more items to give out for my Pay It Forward Challenge.   Unfortunately one of the people who had commented on my Facebook status didn't get back to me with their address.  (I emailed them a while back so I'm assuming they don't want their prezzie. *sigh*)  So that meant that I only had 2 more to give out and I sent out one of those last week and gave the other out the week before. I wanted to wait a bit before I put up the post though since I don't know if the last person got theirs in the mail yet or not.  So hopefully they have gotten their prezzie and this doesn't ruin the surprise for them. 

So I made hand made potholders for my friend Jen, from Writer's Toybox, and for my friend Sarah.  

I had a lot of fun with this contest over the past year and I definitely plan to do it again next year.  Not sure if I'll still do it with the contest or not.
 It will still be fun contest or not. 'Til next year! 

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