Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classroom Inspirations Based On The Hunger Games

By: Dr. Shelbie Witte (author), Juan Mendizabal (contributor), FSU English Education Students (Contributor)

Ok, I wasn't quite sure how to review this one.  I don't teach English or writing classes to anyone or anything.  I did look through the book and it looks extremely well put together.  It has various activities for use in the classroom.  Plus it explains how to use them and explains why and how they should be applied to help the learning experience.  I would recommend it to teachers looking for a way to encourage kids to read and get involved in what they are reading and be able to take something away from this book that will help them further their education. (since The Hunger Games is such a big  phenomena at the moment) 

Then inspiration struck. (In part inspired by my Pay It Forward plans for this year) I know someone who is involved in a homeschooling group. So I contacted them and asked if they would be interested in using it in their curriculum.  Lucky me they ARE interested! So I will be sending the copy I won to them later this week.  They said that they will look it over and possibly start using it sometime either this school year or next.  On top of that they were willing to give me feedback on how they felt the lessons were prepared and how well they thought they worked in a real world setting. Is that awesome of them or what? 

I'm not sure when I will be hearing back from them regarding how they feel about it. But as soon as I do I will put together a review based on their experiences. 

I am grateful to have been able to win such an interesting learning tool, and that I am able to pass it on to someone who can put it to good and practical use.   I look forward to hearing what they have to say.  Thank you to  Dr. Shelbie Witte (author), Juan Mendizabal (contributor), and the FSU English Education Students (Contributor) for giving me the chance to help out a home school program and for writing a book, that in my opinion looks like it could really help encourage students to not only take an interest in reading but to learn from it as well! 

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