Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Adventures in Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 9

I don't see the change yet...but I'm feelin' it!

This week started off great!  I went to a fundraiser breakfast for the dance team at the local high school and wore a dance mom t-shirt I had picked up a few months before.  Now when I bought it I ended up buying a size medium and even with my spanx-like undershirt it was TIGHT!  But it was the only one they had left and it was too cute to pass up. Well when I put it on on Saturday it fit!  It wasn't hanging off or anything, but it was definitely looser, without any special underwear!

Then I saw a friend on Wednesday who I hadn't seen in almost a month and the first words out of her mouth were that I looked thinner and how much weight had I lost so far!!!  Such a self-esteem boost!

Course with all that awesomeness going on something crappy was gonna happen! I got to my meeting Friday and I had gained weight! OMG!!!! Seriously!!!  It was only .8 of a pound, but still.  I had been feeling amazing all week and then *BLAM* no weight loss for me! Stupid scale...

Also Debbie wasn't there again this week.  I felt really bad for the leader that week.  She seems really nice, but I don't think she was completely comfortable with the group yet.  Plus I got to the meeting early and overheard some of the regulars saying that since it wasn't the normal group leader they probably weren't staying...

That made me feel really bad for her.  It's not her fault she doesn't know everybody by name, or any of the inside jokes or anything. I tried to participate more for her sake. Maybe if she feels more comfortable she will be able to interact with the group better and then everyone will enjoy the meeting more.

So here are my pics for this week. With my extra .8 of a pound...



Weight: 195.6 lbs :'(


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