Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Adventures in Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 3

Again this week wasn't that bad. I still had points left over most days, and I wasn't starving or anything.

I did try really hard to remember to eat breakfast.  It mainly consisted of iced coffee and snack crackers. But that's ok because at least I was getting in the routine of eating something.  Also I started making a breakfast burrito. It consists of 1 tortilla, 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese and then spinach, red onion, and tomato. It's really tasty and only comes to 7 pts. according to the tracker.

I tried making one of the egg recipes from the Simply Solo book I bought.

This is mine.

This is the books.

Mine turned out kinda looking like the one in the book.  However I didn't have the cavier to put on it, obviously. It was pretty filling, but a bit bland so I added a bit of my favorite hot sauce. At only 5 pts. it was a good dinner.

Again I sat in back of the meeting and really didn't say too much. The group is kinda fun and there are a lot of regulars at this meeting.  I know that I could change to another one if I wanted to, but the leader is nice and she answers all of the questions I have at the end of the meetings. Plus the people seem really friendly.

I lost 2.6 lbs this week. Not as great as the last two weeks. But hey at least I'm losing right?

Front view 6/14/13

Side view 6/14/13

Weight this week:  201.8

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