Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Adventures In Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 2

Ok. So this past week was A LOT easier than I thought it would be.  On Weight Watchers I have a daily limit of 30 points as well as 49 extra points that I can use throughout the week.  I kept a daily log of what I ate and how many points it was worth.  I was able to stay within my daily points all week except for the day before the meeting.  But in my defense it WAS my birthday!  I didn't load up on cake or anything, but I did go for a free breakfast at Denny's and then after skipping lunch and running around all day I went to Del Taco for dinner. Sorry but it's my birthday and I didn't want to count points.  I did write down everything I ate and I put down the points for them, I just waited until the next day to calculate what I had at Del Taco.  Denny's was a bit different.  The Eat Out book I'd bought at the first meeting gave me a really good list of items for my grand slam so I tried to keep it somewhat sane.  For example I got egg whites instead of plain eggs. But by the time I got to Del Taco I just wanted to enjoy my food!

The meeting this week was pretty much the same as the last week. I saw a lot of the same people, but the people that had been in my Power Start group from the week before weren't there. There were some new faces and a really couple of ladies who let me sit at their table while we waited for the room to open.  They were really encouraging about my first week and had some good hints and tips.

The meetings topic this week was about eating breakfast.  I commented later to the session leader that I REALLY don't do breakfast, but would try.  When I asked what I should do if I'm just not hungry she said I should still eat breakfast and try to make sure I eat during the day so I stay healthy.  Weight Watchers definitely does not encourage starving yourself. Not that I would, but sometimes my meds make me nauseous and sometimes I'm just not hungry.

I once again sat in back and observed.  However, I did get my first 5lb star!! YAY ME!!! And a Bravo sticker!  At weigh in I had lost 6.6 lbs. VERY encouraging and awesome! Also very coincidental considering my birthday is 6/6....and 6/6 was just the day before.....Haven't figured out how to work it all together...but still kinda awesomely coincidental!

Here are the pics for this week:



I've decided to wear the same outfit to every meeting.  (Don't worry I washed it during the week! God what kinda blogger do you think I am?!?)  But this way for every pic you can see if there is a difference or not a little easier and I don't look bigger or smaller because of the cut of a shirt or pants or anything.

Weight this week: 204.4

(Again any trollers out there wanting to comment go troll yourself)

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  1. Wishing you the best, Aimeekay!
    You are beautiful just the way you are, but I want you to be happy with yourself. I think this W/W endeavor is something you are taking a certain amount of pride in, and that is a good thing!