Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Excerpt from A Matter of Temperance

Tucking the mysterious box inside my vest, I grab Miss Plumtartt by the hand and pull her from the chapel. We fly to an outside door. I hurriedly unlock it and pull.
The door opens an inch.
I put my boot to the wall and pull with strength. The door slowly opens another couple of inches, but stops. Some horrible glue-like substance holds the portal fast. We can hear rapid movement outside the house. Dashing to the front door, the way we came in just a few minutes prior, only to find it in the same condition as the other door. I take up a heavy bust, and with a running start, I heave the object through a window. It sticks, halfway through. The windows are sealed against us.
Something heavy enters an upstairs hallway. Something big. I put on my "Beauties". A rapid, and terribly stout tapping quickly reveals our antagonist.
I nearly falter at the sight. Bigger than a grand piano, is our uninvited guest. Putting a few of his legs on the upstairs rail, the grotesque aberration looks down upon us. Clusters of eyes, much like bunches of grapes, spin with dizzy thoughts of consumption. Many pairs of slathering mandibles work and click in fevered expectation. Despite the creature's bloated weight, it leaps to the ceiling of the grand entrance hall, runs across the wide expanse, and drops upon us.

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