Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Your Biggest Fan by Graylin Fox

Mary’s obsession with the boy band Caelan began in high school. She and her friends went to their concerts, picked their favorite band member, and plastered their walls with posters. Mary’s obsession continued during her college years, but soon was placed in a box of memories as she matured, fell in love, and built a life with her husband.

But Happily Ever After is elusive. When she suffers a horrific loss, can she depend on her old dreams to salvage her mind? Can she wander through those memories and still keep reality within her grasp?

My Review:

I had a hard time with Your Biggest Fan, but it was really hard to put my finger on what it was. In trying to explain what I liked and what I didn't with the story I think I might give a bit too much spoilage. That being the case, before you read further, understand that I didn't connect with the character, however I think the story itself is interesting. Just so you get an idea of the review without seeing the spoilers.
The main character, Mary, is well written.  Her obsession, as well as the reasons for it, make sense.  I can even say that I felt sorry for her by the end.  But I really just couldn't connect to her.  Maybe it was because Mary at some point saw what was wrong with her obsession? I just don't know.  Again, I just couldn't connect with her. Not connecting with her made it really hard to get involved with the story.
The story is interesting. In itself it is exploration of the psyche. What causes someone to let an obsession take over their life? What causes a person to snap?  By the end Mary's actions actually made sense to some extent. However I think she would have gone over the bend with or without the drugs and alcohol, although maybe it would have taken a bit longer, simply based on the fact that she had obvious breaks and flaws in her psyche long before the final trauma that broke her.

Would I read more by this author? Probably, I think it would depend on if it were the same genre or not. I've had other authors that I could connect with some of their books better than others. However this one I just couldn't get into it. 

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  1. Here for #atozchallenge. I love book blogs. I'll have to skim through your other letters from the month!