Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Ignite by Brina Courtney

Jeremy has no last name. His family has left him at Marksville Orphanage in rural eastern Virginia, hoping to find work during the end of the Great Depression. Unfortunately Jeremy is never adopted, because HE intervened before Jeremy ever had the chance. Ignite is just a piece of his story

My Review:

Ignite is another one of those super short stories that I picked up for my Kindle as a freebie. It's also the beginning of a larger series called Cryptid Tales.
The tale of Jeremy is bittersweet. As the summery states, Jeremy isn't adopted, so his ending isn't nessecarily a happy one. But even knowing this, the author was able to use Jeremy's voice to pull me into the story and not let me go til the end.
Again the story is super short, it took me less than 15 minutes to read, but the author packed a lot into that  15 minutes. It's told in 1st person, from Jeremy's POV, and he really brought to life the early 1940's, the orphanage and his fellow orphans.  He just comes across as so sweet, even though he only has a few pages to do so.
My only complaint if any with this one is that the ending just feels so abrupt. I mean I know I should have expected it. After all it is a prequel and a short story, I knew that going in there was going to be some sort of ending, be it cliff hanger or perfectly made lead in, that lure me into reading the next installment in the series. The thing is, it did work, I DO want to pick up the next book and find out what happens.  Just for some reason it still just felt rushed towards the end and too abrupt.

Other than that though, I really liked the book and I definitely am going to look into more of the series. I would definitely recommend picking it up, however I can only find the book on Goodreads, previously I had picked it up from Amazon. But here is the link to the authors Goodreads page so you can check out the author and the rest of the books in the series from there.

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