Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for A Caribbean Spell by Maureen O. Betita

Amazon Summery:

A Caribbean Spell, Book 1 of Forever A Pirate
While traveling through space and time, Miranda sets foot in the exciting Caribbean of Jake Reynard. Pirate, thief, captain of the Moonstone; he is everything she didn't know she wanted. She is a sexual witch who needs the touch of sexual relations to energize her magical power.

The instant chemical attraction quickly leads them to a scorching level of intimacy as Miranda shares secrets with the dominant Jake, falling into his bed with a willing abandon. He finds in her a partner, thrilling, mysterious and full of enough warmth to satisfy his pirate greed.

The two meet when mutual friends are endangered by an evil sorceress. The adventure escalates with a thrilling chase back and forth across the Pacific. Can they survive the challenge of the Orb of Transference, capable of draining all life and vitality from Jake's world, and resist the lure of each other? Do they want to?

My Review:

I love reading Maureen O. Betita's work so I was really excited to get a chance to read one of her newest series A Caribbean Spell.  I'm happy to report the book did not disappoint!

 I loved this book. The descriptions of the characters and the world the author has created really drew me in. Betita is amazing in her world building. I easily felt myself walking along the deck feeling the sea air, the ocean spray....oh wait maybe that last part was just some drool over Which leads me to my next point...
The characters are also well developed, and I don't mean just their bodies!   While the book is about Miranda and Jake, the supporting characters are also just as interesting. There were even characters that were mere mentions in the story that I hope will be more fully explored in the future books in the series. The author really knows how to bring them to life.  Also her characters are just fun.  The great part was that even with the extra characters the story still was able to focus on Miranda and Jake and their adventure and romance. Speaking of which, this book is definitely for the 18+ or older crowd.  Not only is there sex, but there is some violence as well. So don't go giving it to the kiddies!  However I definitely recommend picking it up to give to yourself!  Plus right now it's only .99 cents on Amazon! Go grab a copy now while it's still on sale! 


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  2. great to connect and follow
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  3. I look forward to reading more of your book reviews!

  4. Ah shucks! Do glad to hear Jake & Miranda impressed! They do it for 29 more volumes! ;-)