Thursday, September 19, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Celebration with Maureen O. Betita!

Today we welcome the notorious writin' Pirate Maureen to give us all a lesson in pirate speech....

Facebook Like A Pirate
Did you know there is an option to use Pirate English as your language on Facebook, not just English/English? What’s the in this, ya wonder? Well, everyone be a cap’n. (So anyone who comments is Cap’n Whoever.) I’d like to see this changed to a random assignment of rank. As in Bosun, Gunner, First Mate, Scallaway, Landlubber… I mean, everyone can’t be a captain…

And I’m the Captain of me FB page!

Try it! You can Update yer Plunderin’ , Make yer Mark, Update yer Captain’s Log, Add a Betwithin’ Portrait

So, in honor a’ Talk Like a Pirate Day, consider Facebookin’ Like a Pirate!

And if ya like books featurin’ excitin’ pirates, romance on the high seas, some magic, some errrr…sexy stuff…check out me books!

In honor a’ the great day, I be givin’ away three e-copies a’ me pirate books. Yer choice. There be the three from me Kraken’s Caribbean series and the first three of a 30 book series, A Caribbean Spell…

Say hello ta me, Maureen O. Betita, the writin’ pirate!

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This post be part of the Talk Like a Pirate Event.

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