Monday, September 23, 2013

Review of Ghost Memory by Maer Wilson

La Fi is not having a normal day. She broke someone’s nose, embarrassed her fiancé, Thulu, and now a dead guy is on her doorstep. Although seeing the dead is not unusual for the young medium, since she and Thulu regularly deal with the supernatural. Thulu can find anything that's lost and the amnesiac ghost is missing money, along with his memory.

Peter Swanson used to stash money throughout his San Francisco home. Now he can’t remember his hiding places, and his aging partner needs the money. That’s not normally a problem for Thulu, but some of the money is missing from the house. Thulu and La Fi must broaden the search for cash long gone, and that could prove tricky in more ways than one.

“Ghost Memory” is a Thulukan Chronicles Story set in the Relics universe. Bonus Material includes Chapter 1 from the novel, Relics.

My Review:

Ghost Memory is a nice introduction to the characters in Muir’s other story, Relics, as well as to the author’s writing style.  Obviously it isn’t a full length novel but just a glimpse into Fi and Thulu’s life.  
I enjoyed the characters.  I got just enough of a taste of the two main characters to want to read Relics to find out more about them. The story is told in first person POV from Fi’s point of view, but the author did a good job with it.  I didn’t get annoyed with Fiona or feel like I wasn’t getting a good view of what was going on. 
It was a quick read, but I think that was a combination of both its length and the fact that it drew me in.  The story was sweet, but not in an overly sappy way. For example, I really liked the relationship between Don and Peter.  It’s nice every once in a while to just see two people in love.

I think if you haven’t read Relics yet that this is a good way to see if the story itself would interest you.  If you already have then I think you will enjoy seeing Fi and Thulu again. Either way I recommend picking it up. 

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