Monday, February 4, 2013

Quirk is AWESOME!

So a while back I won an awesome deck of Zombie Tarot cards.

Unfortunately when I received them there was also a nasty note from the Post Office saying I owed S & H.  Apparently they had issues with whether the prize I had won was technically media mail or not. *meh* I have issues with the Post Office so I just paid big. I did however contact the blog I won it at to let them know what happened. (They weren't the ones who sent the prize, but I figured they knew who to contact on the publishers end.)  I figured somebody should know that way they wouldn't get a whole bunch of complaints from actual paying customers.  Plus I really enjoy the blog so I didn't want it to happen to any other winners and have them have issues with her blog. I wasn't really screaming and yelling angry. Annoyed yes and out about $. (But hey the zombie tarot....sooo worth it. I have zombie problems I know) Anyway after sending the email I didn't expect anything else to come of it. the title said...Quirk is AWESOME!! They heard about the issue with the Zombie Tarot and they sent me a box filled with awesome!!


I mean seriously awesome!!! I even got a nice little apology letter too.  Really I wasn't expecting anything so that kinda made it even more awesome! The coolest part is that all the books are ones I probably would have chosen for myself if given the opportunity! (More than a few were even on my wishlist!)

Anyway I just wanted to share what awesome people they have working at Quirk. They could have just ignored what happened. I mean I didn't complain I just sent a heads up email to the blogger who had held the contest. Yet they went above and beyond reimbursing me for the S & H  I shelled out. Seriously cool!   I've already read a few of the books I received and I plan on framing the posters. (Especially the Keep Calm and Carry On...seriously cool!)  

Quirk thank you soo much you guys are awesome!


  1. That is really terrific. I know when something like this happens to me, I never know if I should let them know or not. I have won lots of prizes that never arrive, etc. and generally just chock it up to I had great fun with the posts and if I receive a prize it is icing on the cake. What a wonderful thing to have happen :)

    1. I've probably had stuff not show up that I've forgotten I've won. (I have had stuff show up that I didn't even know I entered to win) lol

      But I have had a few things not show up at all. When it happens I'll send a short note to whoever emailed me that I won. I found as long as I'm nice about it they are too. One blogger found out the person she had mail it had accidentally forgotten it in the car.
      Another was a bit snippy...something about it was the company's issue...(that's cool I just wanted to let her know so it wouldn't make her look bad if none of her prizes were showing up ya know?) But my prize showed up about a week later. *shrug*
      I know I would like to know if something doesn't arrive. While I have a disclaimer saying I'm not responsible for stuff after I put it in the mail I do add a delivery confirmation so I can see where it is.