Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where I've Been ~ The Summer Edition ~ Pt.1: Reviews

So my summer didn't really start getting crazy 'til about the end of July.  Between all the practices for my daughters clubs and helping out the boosters at the summer concerts in our local park. AND planning a surprise, last minute trip to see my dad in Jersey.  Throw in a car that felt the need to breakdown in 100+ degree weather (yeah that was TONS of fun) and my Kindle breaking!  Honestly though, overall  I think it's been a great summer.  However I did let my blog go a bit during the last few weeks. So I'm going to try to make up for it.  Starting with some Where I've Been posts to show all the fun and awesome things I've come across this summer and also I'll be having some amazing giveaways in the next few weeks so be sure to check back in for those too!

So let's get started catching up....I thought first I'd start Part 1 with  the reviews I've done over the summer for  Books and Things and MotherGamerWriter.




Both by: Royce Buckingham

*Loved both books!*

By: Michael Williams
*Really touching!*

By: B.R. Kingsolver
*Enjoyed as much as the first! Can't wait for #3!*

By: Estevan Vega

By Britt Bury
* (check out the review to see who else did too!)*

Deadweather an Sunrise
By: Geoff  Rodkey

*Loved this one too!
The actual copy I had of this book gave me so much stress. I took it with a few other books to give to my nephews.  The other books traveled perfectly. This one however somehow got all wrinkly (like water damage) Not sure how water got in my suitcase....*sigh*.  At least it was still readable, hopefully they will be able to see past the wrinkles to the great story that is underneath.*

By: Sasha Soren

*I'm taking part in a Pinterest review of this one.  I sooooo enjoyed this book it was amazing! Come check out the awesome pics I myself and other reviewers have chosen that remind us of different scenes in the novel!*

These are all the wonderful books I've reviewed this summer. Unfortunately my Kindle breaking required me to do some rearranging of the reading list...One of the biggest problems was I took LOTS of notes on books I'd read on the Kindle.  *Sigh*  Am in the midst of trying to download the books onto my laptop and go from there.  Hopefully there will be some more stuff up asap.  

Where I've Been ~ The Summer Edition ~ Pt.!

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