Friday, August 31, 2012

Where I've Been ~ Summer Edition ~ Pt. 2 Awesomeness!

So I spent every Wednesday night at the Concerts in The Park events that my town holds. They had a Market Night that they held along with the concerts.  My daughters Marching Band/Color Guard and Dance Team Booster Clubs both had booths there.  I volunteered to be one of the parents that sat with the kids since it didn't involve anything strenuous and gave me a chance to help my kids teams out as well as get to meet their friends. As an added bonus I also got to see some awesome local vendors.  Two in particular I'd like to share with you.

The first that I found was Potion 9 Sweet Designs.  They really got my attention because I myself love cakes and cake decorating and the cupcakes they had for sale were AMAZING!  
Seriously this cupcake looks awesome,
and it tasted great too!
Sooo Pretty!!!
I chose to try the one labeled Love Potion #9.  It was sooooo good!! Since it came in it's own little cup with a lid I was able to enjoy it for a few days.  Sorry love my chocolate and wanted to make it last! They had other great looking cupcakes that I wish I could have sampled as well. *Sigh* But at least I got to enjoy this wonderful creation and since they are located nearby hopefully I will be able to take advantage of that in the future.

The second one was Gigi & Co. Shoes. OMG! The shoes were soooo pretty! I had seen her booth a few weeks before but hadn't gotten a chance to actually go over and check it out. So when I saw that they were being set up right across from us when they rearranged the market set up I got over there as fast as I could.  I love shoes. Shoes are amazing. Whether they are heels, flats, sneakers there are always so many options.I think that if you have a chance to make a statement with what you wear that your shoes should be just as important as the actual clothes. These shoes they sooo make a statement!
I actually got to spend some time talking with the owner of the company and she is just as awesome as her shoes! Those who follow my Facebook page may remember the picture of the shoes I posted that I was lucky enough to get my hands on. For those who don't here's the pic again:

Sooo Awesome!

Not only did I get an amazing pair of shoes but she also agreed to offer a giveaway to my readers that will be starting tomorrow!!! So be sure to come back tomorrow to enter for your chance to win a gift certificate to Gigi & Co. Shoes.

And be sure to keep checking back for more of Where I've Been this summer! 

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