Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review of Classroom Inspirations Based on The Hunger Games

By: Dr. Shelbie Witte (author), Juan Mendizabal (contributor), FSU English Education Students (Contributor)

So a while back I sent a copy of this book to my cousin who was able to put it to good use in her home schooling program.   She was able to integrate it into her school curriculum this year and here are her results:


I bought the whole series of Hunger Games and had my girls read them. Great great story! Thank you so much for turning us on to them. I am sure some where in the mix of home school moms someone won't like them, but we loved them.

I added in the curriculum guide and must say that it was met with little resistance. That speaks volumes! Lol!
I really liked the layout or format of the book and lessons. It was easy to follow. Loved the Materials needed section, and Objectives. I felt that the lessons reach many levels of learning, some challenging, and options for those with learning issues.
One draw back was that there was no consistence with the reading levels. each lesson had a different level.

I liked that it was specific to the English / literature class subject, yet would really like to see something more developed for multiple subjects. I can imagine this series of books being a classroom discussion platform for many subjects. Such as: 

~ Science
~ American Government 
~Art and more 

IT would really bring to life many classes that students find boring. The curriculum offers a lot of options for learning in creative ways. It was a pleasure to be able to use this in our home studies and I hope that they will continue to develop more like it. 


I'm so glad that she was able to use the book and that she found it useful in her class! I really would like to thank the people who developed this book and let them know how encouraging it is to see kids not only get into reading but be able to use the books to further their education!

****In compliance with FTC guidelines, I'm disclosing that I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads. ****
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