Monday, May 7, 2012

My thoughts or reflections on the Blogging From A to Z Challenge

So a few month ago I found out about the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.  *SIGH*  It seems like soooo long ago now.  I wanted to challenge myself to do something fun, something creative, something that was well....a challenge.  So I decided to jump into the challenge and see if I could do it.  Gosh...I thought 2 months would be enough time to plan...I was SOOOOO wrong. lol.

When I started out I really had all engines full throttle....I had tons and I mean TONS of ideas on what I wanted to write.  Even the letters I wasn't too sure of I still had a positive view of.   I planned to have every post ready by the first of March and have them all scheduled to go up by the middle of March.  Then I could sit back and just coast through April.  

Apparently I don't know myself very well.  I am a procrastinator at heart.  If I can put something off til the last minute I will. I hate this about myself...I go through spurts of being overly prepared for every situation, every contingency, until I end up driving my plans and back up plans crazy.... I mean sometimes this isn't a bad thing.  I start shopping for Christmas in January, but the procrastinator in me makes sure that by December I've forgotten my special hidey place for all the prezzies and I spend at least one week in December doing a mad search of my house.

So of course I found myself doing the same thing on Google in the middle of March.  The only reason my A, C, and R posts were even ready in advance was because I had convinced other people to take the spotlight and guest post for me on those days.  My other posts were still ready days in advance...but that's it, just days, not a whole month.  As for my reflection post....yeah it's 10pm on the 7th and I'm doing it now, when I thought about it ALL this weekend and just kinda put it off....
(I'm not this bad in all areas of my life, for other people I'm on the ball, but for myself I tend to slack and put things off)

But enough about my procrastinating.  This is a reflections post, not a procrastination station. (even though I fear it has become one)

I learned a lot of cool things from this challenge.   I learned that I can write about anything. AND I mean ANYTHING!  For example my giraffe post wasn't planned, it was a request from my friends daughter.  But somehow I made a post that I was proud of and I hope everyone enjoyed.  

This was my original pic for Y.
I also learned that sometimes the best inspiration comes on the fly.  Like my Y post.  I originally was going to do it on Yo-Yo's, a huge new trend in my home.  But while trying to take pictures of yo-yos and write about them all I wanted to do was scream...Yes that's how it came to be Y is for Yell.  I thought it was unique and inventive and I really had fun typing all of those a's.

I also met A LOT of new bloggers.  Too many to list individually here, plus I'd be afraid of leaving someone out.  I tried to visit and comment on as many as I could. But again my procrastination issues took hold and I found myself surfing other bloggers posts without moving on to the next blog. I always felt bad that I couldn't  come up with an intelligent comment, and I hate living something that sounds stupid, so many times I didn't comment at all, but I did come away inspired by more than a few of the blogs I read.  I just wanted  to make sure that I said that. Because I didn't tell all of the other bloggers how much they inspired me, but I really wanted to.

I plan on doing the challenge next year.  Only because it was fun to find out so much about myself, as well as the other bloggers in the challenge.  I even have an idea as to what my theme will be for next I'm not going to commit to it in writing, because even now as I think about it it seems kinda I really enjoyed the randomness of this year.  In an effort to prepare for next year, I would love to know how you felt about my posts.  Where they too random? Did I chicken out by letting someone else guest post for me? Which posts were your favorites?  I'd love to know.

Then after you're done click here and check out the other bloggers reflections on the A to Z Challenge.  I'm sure you'll find some awesome new bloggers to follow.


  1. At the rate I am going, catching up is going to be just as much of a challenge. Congrats on making it across the finish line :)Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. During the challenge I didn't visit as many blogs as I would like to but, cross my heart, I'm visiting every single one with the reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that...