Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for...

T is for:

My TBR pile!!

Man it's huge! I didn't think it was that big, til I actually took a look at everything I need to read.  (And this pic doesn't even include everything, I've got 4 more books in a box in my room and I can't take a pic of the list on my kindle!)

"What has she put on my seat? These aren't the extra
pillows I asked for!"
The majority of these books are ones I've one from Goodreads First Reads, so when the reviews are done they will go up here.  There are a few that I'm gonna read for the Manga/Graphic Novel/ Video Game Novel Challenge I'm participating in.  Then there are one or two that are there simply because I want to read them.  No intention of reviewing them, though I might but a star rating or something on Goodreads to note I've read them. Unfortunately they fall to the bottom of the pile. :(

So how bad is your TBR pile?   Do you keep them in a specific order to read? Is there one you're dying to read but it's stuck lower on the list? Do you have separate TBR piles?

"Uh-huh, suuure you're gonna read all a these...probably
'bout the same time you bring me my extra pillows!"

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  1. Bit like my TBR pile. I keep buying books and then reading different books entirely.