Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Questions

Q is for questions, as in what questions would you ask an author?  I generally ask the same "canned" questions on my interviews, and then I throw in one or two that I think up especially for that author. Do you do interviews on your blog?  How do you go about figuring out what to ask? or do you have a same set of questions that you ask?
When first started doing spotlights and interviews on my blog I was very nervous.   I asked the open ended question to my friends what would they ask if they could do an interview.  One of the answers I got to that question I still use.  In fact it is my second question asked on ALL my more recent  interviews.  I love getting an idea of what readers would like to find out about authors, so I'll ask again:

What would you ask an author? What would you like to know?

Feel free to leave your answer or answers in the comments.  Who knows maybe you'll see your question in an upcoming interview!


  1. i would love to take a poll of authors on their publishing stats. how long did they query before getting published? did they win small contests? did conferences help? how many editing rounds did they go through? i'm full of questions!

  2. Your second question's an excellent one! I liked reading their answers. I don't do author interviews (yet), but if I did, I would probably ask questions about what they like to read and why.