Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pay It Forward 2012 Challenge

So I have finished and given out my first Pay It Forward item!    So for my first homemade prezzie I decided to do...

(Yes food does count as long as it is homemade and not something pre-made that you bought at the store)  

So I decided to go with mini-cupcakes for a few reasons.  
Reason 1- The person I was making something for loves cakes and cupcakes. (especially chocolate!)

Reason 2- She also loves snow.  We recently had our once a year snow fall, which of course was gone the next day! And I  had these awesome mini-cupcake cups that I picked up earlier this year.  So I figured I would combined her love of snow with her love of chocolate!

Reason 3-  I have had mini-cupcake pans FOREVER and I have been dying for a reason to try them out!

So I made her two dozen devil's food chocolate mini cupcakes.  I iced them with homemade butter cream icing, and topped them with Hershey kisses. Some were dark chocolate kisses and some were the limited edition cordial cherry kisses.

 I then put them on a beautiful tray I picked up, and wrapped them in plastic decorating foil.

The really funny part is I didn't realize that mini-cupcakes were soooo much smaller than actual cupcakes!! (I know this should have been obvious since the pans are obviously so much different in size)  So I ended up with a few more cupcakes than I had originally anticipated! Fortunetly I love chocolate too so this wasn't a bad thing!

Interested in how you can find out about participating in the Pay It Forward 2012 Challenge?  Click here to see the original post to find out how! Also find out how to enter the contest to win a goody bag at the end of the year!  Be sure to check out the links below to see what other people are doing for the challenge! Thanks again to my awesome friend Jen over at Writer's Toybox  for the Pay It Forward idea!

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